7 Places to try scuba diving in Goa

By Sharmila - August 23, 2019

The wrecked-treasures and marine life that it houses attract divers from around the world. It would be really interesting for anyone to know about the various site Scuba Diving in Goa and the secrets that hold. Goa has amazing diving centers over the place. It is one of the most known and famous in the state in the country. The divers here are well experienced and provide you with an amazing tour under the sea. The place is famous for the sightings of many interesting and beautiful underwater animals while diving. These include a wide variety of fish,  crabs, and a variety of coral reefs. Scuba diving is one of the most popular Adventure Activity in Goa. Places to try scuba diving in Goa are

1. Grande Island

Also referred to by other names like Bat Island, Grande Island is the best place for engaging in adventure water activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, diving, fishing, and other water sports. Situated a few kilometers from Vasco da Gama in South Goa, Grande Island can easily be reached by sailing aboard a yacht from Bogmalo Beach. Going to Grande Island is as exciting as being there itself, as you get to see dolphins splashing about in the waters. You can try fishing and swimming too, but the wonders that scuba diving can give you on Grande Island is beyond anything that you’ve experienced in Goa. The conditions are perfect for Scuba Diving at Grande Island. The shallow waters are easy to dive by expert divers and also by beginners. Clear visibility of the waters allows you to see the ocean life at close range. You can come across colorful fishes, coral reefs, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, lobsters, turtles, and other forms of aquatic life. Besides, you can explore the ruins of WWII warships and sunken vessels that lie submerged on the seafloor.

2. Calangute Beach

A number of operators conduct scuba diving courses at Calangute Beach. The dive is backed by expert divers and adequate safety equipment. Students are given training in diving along with certification. They can engage in parasailing, jet skiing, kayaking, and other water sports too. Students can take underwater photographs and record videos of marine life.

3. Baga Beach

Enjoy the joys of scuba diving in Baga Beach in North Goa. You can come across a rich variety of marine life and coral formations. Besides, you can also spot dolphins playing along in the deep waters. You are equipped with proper scuba diving gear and trained experts, who will make your dive a safe experience.

4. The Jetty

Another beautiful dive site, situated on the northwestern tip of Grande Island, The Jetty has a shallow depth of 8 meters. This site is perfect for all divers and is abundant in marine life like mullets, Lionfish, and underwater vegetation. Coral reefs can be found here, and if you are lucky, you can also spot the occasional shark.

5. Shelter Cove

To the northeast of Grande Island, Shelter Cove has a maximum depth of 6 meters. You can have a lot of fun of scuba diving here, as there are minimal undercurrents. You can view stonefish, lionfish, triggerfish, angelfish, parrotfish, and also a variety of corals. Hawksbill Turtles have also been spotted on some occasions. Watch out for the sandy bottom where squids and cuttlefish come to lay their eggs.

6. Grande Banks

This dive site is located between Grande Island and Sao Gorge Island. You can see beautiful and colorful coral formations everywhere. Presence of Butterflyfish, Bannerfish, Puffers, Groupers, Blenny fish is quite common here, along with many other large and small fish.

7. Lobster Avenue

Lobster Avenue is a rocky bottom interspersed with sandy stretches, where you will find colorful and beautiful tropical fish like Parrotfish, Snappers, Sergeant Majors, Nurse Sharks, Dogfish, Groupers, Triggerfish, Flounders, and many others.

You can also spot lobsters, Rock Cod, Moray Eels, hiding away among the rocks. Reef Rays and Turtles do come here too. There are no strong undercurrents, which makes it a favorite spot for scuba in Goa for all divers.

If these places seem exciting to you, then what thrill it would be to experience the real thing? On your next trip to Goa, make it a point to indulge in some scuba diving adventure yourself.

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